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Apr 30, 2021

Tim Scott’s Rebuttal To Joe Biden’s speech Was Missing One Big Thing, A REBUTTAL! Playing woke and talking unity is not what the conservatives need from the GOP. They need answers, participation and direction, three things the GOP just doesn't do!

Truth Has Arrived!

Apr 27, 2021

We The People Must Start Functioning As One Entity: Know Your Place! You don't know everything, and you can't do everything, so start developing your unique skills and joining with others to form one bad ass citizenry machine!

Truth Has Arrived!

Apr 21, 2021

The Leftist Agenda: Entrap Liberals & Oppress Conservatives.  We are all now being played by the same evil leftist slave master.

Truth Has Arrived!

Apr 8, 2021

Gilliam Interviews Navy SEAL & Congressional Candidate Derrick Van Orden. This is what effective leadership looks like!

Truth Has Arrived!